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Intervıew: yagiz pekkaya

photography:Alice Hawkins

Paloma, you topped the music charts with The Architect.What does it look like down there?


I don't think I'm ever on top, because I'm always aware enough to know that there's more to be achieved and a way forward.


Earlier, you got in trouble with the cops for hanging your posters on the walls in Hackney.Now you're performing in arenas that are completely sold out...


I still can't believe it, but it doesn't give me any reassurance for my career.Because one day I'll be back in the same position.This strengthens my work ethics and the way I work.


The Architect seems to be full of love songs on the first listen, but what you're really addressing here is politics.It's like you want to send a message to the listeners...


I don't have the self-confidence to say completely yes to that, but I still wanted to draw people's attention with empathy, delicacy and compassion.So much so that I think that these feelings and thoughts are lost in modern culture.I'd say it's a social observation album for The Architect.And it's not inward, it's a completely extroverted album.

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