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ıntervıew: yagız pekkaya

photographs: ıbrahım Karadeniz

Do you believe that we are able to benefit from nature adequately and ethically?

Absolutely not. There's nothing we do but harm nature. At least if I speak for the kitchen; It's up to us to put a little stop to this. It's very simple. With an example, if you go to the so-called 'supervised' fish states today, you'll see that a case case of gypsies is sold. It's still being sold because he has a client. That customer doesn't know that the fish has very little time left and will disappear after a while.

So, where exactly does your fondness for nature and hunting come from?

I'm from Edremit. My whole childhood is in every way he passed by fishing, setting traps for blackbirds, trying to hit yelve with a sling. Years later, when I got caught up in the city, I forgot about my relationship with nature. Then, when I was unhappy, I ran back into nature. Now I go regularly, camp with people I love. If I need to think of a new menu, I think about it when I'm collecting products in Belgrade.

What is the definition of 'soul cuisine' in your kitchen?

There are certain standards, techniques, cliché matches for meals. In our kitchen, these are much smaller. We do what we want to do, how we want to do it, how we're going to be happy, how we're going to cook honestly, and how we're going to be instructive. I'm learning with the team.After these experiences, something comes up. That's what we call soul cuisine.

To what extent do you carry your own identity into your kitchen?

I think I'm carrying it one-on-one. We have regulars who say ,'I distinguish your food blindly', I am so happy to hear it...

Is there a technique or material that you think will be in the focus of the long term?


I've been collecting native seeds for a while. It looks like I'm going to grow them and cook them, take care of it for a long time. Then there are the fire and fiery techniques that always exist.

What excites you especially in the kitchen...

Fire and find new material.

To what extent did we discover our Turkish cuisine?


Rather than exploring, there wasn't enough interest. But I can say that this situation has changed in a pleasing way in recent years. I believe that in the coming years we will go much deeper, to take our own culture to the highest levels.

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