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Interview: Yagız Pekkaya 

Photographs: Matteo Carassale

We embarked on a gastronomic journey between France and Italy on memories, origins and boundaries with Mauro Colagreco, Mirazur's exclusive chef.

Mauro, what does it take to be a good chef?


I'm not sure I have exactly the answer to that question, but I can start by saying that I have a passionate team that has the same values as me.Because it doesn't matter what a good chef you are unless you have a great team with you.I also believe in working in harmony with nature.In addition to hard work and passion, good materials are of great importance.


You're the first chef to win Gault & Millau, even though you're not French.


Frankly, I wasn't expecting this award. Especially if you think that the food I make is not related to French Cuisine, this is a proud situation, but it also brings with it a responsibility.My fondness for Italian ingredients and the Argentine origins in my blood, of course, have a huge impact on my kitchen.

You're now past your mentors in the rankings of The World's 50 Best.


I am very grateful for what I have learned from Alain Ducasse and Alain Passard.I don't think I've passed them, on the contrary, I believe I've made my own way by claiming their legacy.


What was the most important advice you got from them?


Trust yourself and do what you want.

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