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Renaissance and rock'n'roll ... Take note of these two words. Since Alessandro Michele combines these two words with the general text of the cruise collection. At the very least, he says that these dictionaries are an aphorism.

At a later stage of the cruise route, we arrive in Florence. Our place is the Palatine Gallery in Pitti Palace. With a room full of Rubens, Tintoretto, Titian, Velázquez and Caravaggio, the hallways and rooms captured by Gucci's podium on all four sides. If you combine the location and the words of Michele's mind, you can also guess why Pitti Palace is the perfect crate for the Cruise Collection.

Michele's lavish grandmother's eye unites the classic Gucci elements by bringing them together under the guise of canine touches and the Renaissance theme. 60 and 70 ' the cyclical presses, the renaissance elves, the rich feathers, the detailed stitches, and the socks with the Gucci logos reminds us brand's 2016 Spring and Summer collection. Leopard-style turbans, woolen bandages, frameless sunglasses, and hair accessories from the Middle Age era are filtered through the corridors of Ponte Vecchio in a row of Gucci soldiers.

You can also imagine that the fauna and flower designs we exchanged views from the first collection of Alessandro Michele are located in the center of the collection. Let's not forget the vintage feel that always captures the collection. We've seen a lot of Guccy, Guccification and Guccify Yourself mottos, which turned brands famous logo almost into a pop symbol. The 15-minute fashion show, which lasts for the definition of genderfluid, carries examples from recent seasons. Does history repeats it self?

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