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coffee with a quality

short history of coffee

Although there is no written evidence, the appearance of coffee is based on two rumors. The first is the story of Kaldi, who observes increased movement speeds in Ethiopia when goats eat beans from the coffee plant, and the second is that of Sheikh Omar, who was mentioned in the Abd-Al-Kadir writing and used the coffee bean as medicine because he found it medicinal...

The rumors aside, the whole story we want to tell is basically; In Ethiopia, the so-called 'magic fruit' begins with the use of coffee beans to make bread by turning them into flour, and then boiling and drinking them. Thus, coffee soon becomes a reputation, immediately after which it travels from the Arabian Peninsula to other countries of the world and embarks on a journey to the present day...

The access of coffee to Turkey is based on the Ottoman Empire. During the period of Yavuz Sultan Selim, yemeni governor Özdemir Pasha brought the coffee he enjoyed in Yemen to Istanbul, and the coffee soon entered the palace kitchen as a reputable drink. After the palace, coffee spread first to the mansions and then to the houses, for istanbulites at that time it's becoming a new demand. When the Venetian merchants who came to Istanbul in 1615 moved the coffee to their homeland, Europe finally be met with coffee. Over time, the passion for coffeehouses and coffee reaches Paris and then London. The rest you know... Coffee is now proving the indispensable place in our lives by creating the largest trading area after oil in the world.

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