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Intervıew: yagız pekkaya

photographs: relae archıves

We can say that the only sentence that describes Christian Puglisi's cuisine and philosophy is "less is more." To get to know him and his work better, you need to get lost in the following pages.

How are you feeling right now?


It's fine, it's fine. I'm doing good work, and I'm taking it in s hell. I'm at a point where life satisfies me.

Do you feel like you belong in the Nordic kitchen?

I believe I'm completely out of this circle. I never tried to be in it. I don't define my restaurants as Nordic restaurants and I feel like I'm in this kitchen.I don't feel like I belong. I'm a refugee, and it seems wrong to approach food geographically.

How does food culture evolve?

Food is always on the move, just like humans. What shapes today's cuisines with its differences is essentially I'd say these migrations. We share collectively by bringing our traditions and cultures to food.

Where do you feel home the most?

I do not know... As much as I feel close to Sicily, I can't talk about a clear geographical point. But when I'm around my family, of course it's different.

How important is it to know the old to create something new?


The idea of creating comes with more curiosity and need. Therefore, we are trying to come up with new solutions to leave the old problems behind.

What's your strategy on the plates?

It's kind of hard to tell my plans with a single plate. Nature and because we have respect for agriculture and we want to produce in better conditions, we run our menu in this way.

In Relae, you're following the philosophy of 'more or less.'


To be able to keep everything from preparation to presentation as simple as possible and explain simplicity with quality, not quantity.

We can say that stereotyped trends are not for you...


I'm usually pragmatic about things. What we do in my restaurants is not connected to today's trends.Frankly, I don't find any of this interesting. Here we try to create products that we love and enjoy ourselves.

And what do you like to cook in your house?

I cook very little at home, which is usually simple. And there's fast food. I don't remember making a meal that lasted more than 30 minutes lately.

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