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INTERVIEW: yagız pekkaya

photography: Nathan pask

Boundaries don't matter to the two names you're about to meet.Because they have a ability to make the impossible possible.Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, are the enchanters of their own gastronomic world, they share their magic with the world, constructing experiences that are hard to forget.

What exactly are you doing?

It can be a little tricky to tell people what we're doing, because ours is a business that touches on far-reaching issues.For example, our previous project, Voice Of Gad'cla, we edited a sound system that made the pupils tremble so that we could give people a supernatural experience; In another project, we cooked with lava flowing at 1350 degrees.We call ourselves "experience designers". Whether it's food, installation, publishing or film; The most important thing for us is the experience that guests will have.This makes us different from artists who consider the work primary rather than experience.

How do you complement each other?


We use restaurant analogy. One of us is taking care of the guests, while the other (mostly Harry) is in the kitchen taking care of the food.When we first started, we were both interested in everything from design to project construction, cooking to service and cleaning.We grew up in nine years and now have a team of 20 people.

The experiences you design also refer to many disciplines.


First of all, we need to integrate architecture into the world of gastronomy and in the same way include architectural thoughts in the world of gastronomy.But why stop in between? We extend from nerves to biochemists, from experimental psychology to ethnobotany.In addition, we take care to work with people from different fields so that each of our projects can be fresher.We are very pleased to be working with extreme coloured dust artist Pip & Pop, Tokyo light and interaction designers' Tearn LAB and digital artist Jon Monag inn.


What kind of project do you dream of?


Animals, fire, laclakness, liquid on a large scale, über exotic tropical plants and we are dying to put together a day on a table.


Are there limits?


Making jam or color-changing flowers from Princess Diana's hairstyles, these and similar ideas may sound crazy to your ears; But why would they be carried out with budget, space, the right time and a curious audience?


What would happen if you had a gastronomic super power?


We would like hands and arms that the burns would not process, that were resistant to heat...


What kind of change would you like to have in eating and drinking?


We should have access to more fruit varieties; As a matter of fact, there are between 240,000 and 500,000 fruiting plants in the world.But we can only reach and consume about 70,000 of them.How many of these have you tried? We're a little obsessive about it, and we're driving their tracks to try it all out.

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