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Interview: Yagız Pekkaya - XOXO The Mag


Photography: Ger Ger


Fashion Editor: Tiffani Rae


Hair: Marley Gonzales/The Rex Agency

Make-up: Dina Gregg/Atelier


Management Assistant: Liz Abrams, Sean Martin, Karla Pichardo, Emma Donlucas


Location: Los Angeles

Billie, do you believe the so-called 'American Dream'?

It would be a mistake to limit dreams. I believe we can do whatever we want and how we want.

Instead of booming with a big hit, we see the popularity growing more organically. Is this something planned?

No, not really. We put Ocean Eyes on SoundCloud so that my dance teacher could choreograph, and the song held in a weird way. Somehow people must have seen something of his own in it, and I think it's pretty cool.

Of course we need to talk about Bellyache. How exactly did songwriting come about from a killer's perspective?

We were working on the chorus of this song in the garage with my brother. While singing Bellyache, I used the phrase 'lay their bodies' in the part where the words carries. The idea came out of here and we went over it. The fact that the song is a bit childish makes this situation a little more creepy.

Many critics say you will become the next big name in the pop world. Do you have the confidence to accept this situation?

I have been myself all my life, I felt neither too much nor less. So I will always continue to be just myself again.

You are probably tired of the comments about your age...

I don't like it when people judge you because of your age, because you can feel anything at any age. Whether you are 40, 30 or 5 years old, you have a lot of emotion. Adolescence, on the other hand, is one of the most difficult times of man, and a 15-year-old person can be underestimated for his own feelings. But to me, what you go through has nothing to do with your age.

Do you think there is a feature that sets you apart from the new generation of musicians?

Musically, I am influenced by many different styles and this is evident in my music. I hope this situation is specific to me only.

So what do you think of the comparisons between you and Lorde?

This is absolutely flattering because Lorde is a great guy, but I am just myself.

At what point do you position your brother in your career?

In fact, we almost write all the songs together, he is the producer of all my songs and we perform together. Yes, it is very important in my career but also in my life ...

Do you choose your clothes yourself?

I always dressed what I wanted and never let anyone dress me. I have many different sources of inspiration. But I don't like to wear things that you can see and buy somewhere, and I also like to combine different outfits in an interesting way. To be honest, I don't know where my fashion taste comes from.

So when it comes to music, is your address clear?

Rihanna. I think he is the most powerful name in the music world. Or maybe in every field ...

Can someone who has listened to his album conclude that this recording was made after a breakup?

The songs were inspired by these feelings or separation. So I guess yes.

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