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INTERVIEW: YaGız Pekkaya 


Destination Seoul.

Our guests are Sehyung K, and Inseup H.founders of Ajo Studio, who quickly gained considerable power in South Korea's self-reasstitutive fashion scene..Be our guest with grunge and punk breezes in mind...

What should the ideal man wear?

I: Dress.

S: Everyone knows that the ideal man should not wear anything.


How do you take it that South Korea is still being separated from the world fashion scene?


Q: There is, unfortunately, no special side to the global fashion community.No designer in the country's past is boasted of.That's because a seated fashion aesthetic doesn't exist. Aware of this situation, a new generation of designers are creating a new environment unique to Seoul.We can also show our work as an example.The main thing for us is to create a new fashion aesthetic in South Korea.

As a duo who have stripped down to contributing to this new fashion aesthetic, 50 years from now, how do you hope to be remembered in the fashion world?


I: We want to be known as a brand that cares about the pride of Asian society, the sub-culture based on resisting traditions, the identity and sensitivity of the minority.We are trying to do our best to move forward in this direction.

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